Sunday, November 29, 2009

An appeal to the IRC President

This is an appeal for my husband to quit his group, the Intercity Riders Club. I know that it is almost impossible for him to leave his group where he is one of the founders. But I can't take it anymore. Every time they have a 'byahe' (an-out-of-town motorcycle ride), fear never leaves me. I fear for their safety most especially of my husband and his twin brother who also a member of this group. Though he always assure me that safety is always a priority for them I can't help to think of the possible accidents that can occur. Like today. They went to Batangas yesterday for their regular 'byahe'. They arrived safely and early for their schedule. However, as they were on their way home this afternoon, one of the riders collide with a provincial bus. I am not certain with the degree of damage but it is still an accident. One of the many accidents that happened a lot during their 'byahes'. So, can you blame me for worrying? Guess not. I am not telling him to leave his friends, just the group. He can still be friends with them but I hope that he will not join them on they future rides. I know that accidents may happen anytime but why look for it when you can be safe at home with your family. I hope that I can talk through his thick head or whatever. I've been silent for a long time ' cause I'm avoiding discussions. But I can't be silent anymore. I just hope that he would understand.


Dinah said...

good luck on your appeal. Heard that the IRC president enjoys his position and out of town trips very much. again, goodluck on that!

seriously though, maybe you can tell him to look for another hobby that is not as dangerous as this one.

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