Sunday, June 14, 2015

Seek and It Shall Be Found!

I've been (poorly) maintaining  two blogs on my account and I recently added another. But I've been doing some 'renovation' this past few weeks. I intended to do better, write consistently and improve the looks of my blogs. And then a month ago I remember that a few years back I had my first blog from another account. I tried finding it and I found it. This is the blog! And I resurrect it and transfer it to my new google account. This blog will serve as my personal 'emotion funnel'. If you cannot handle my 'kaartehan' I advise you to bear with me still....hahaha! So I have my travel and adventure blog, my photo blog, my personal/family/life blog....and this, my 'release my inner drama queen' blog! So do read. This is me, sharing a part of me to you. Whether you like it or not! 


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