Monday, January 25, 2010

labor of love


How cute! I am being bias because this is truly a labor of love. I did this stuff toy because this is my daughter's project. And I can proudly say that all effort has been given to this project. You see, I don't have a sense of direction. I can easily get loss in any place. But I bravely went to Tabora and Ilaya Street at Divisoria 'ALONE' to find the cloth for this project during my lunch hour at work. Luckily, i didn't got loss and I found the cloth. I started working on the project when I went home. I worked on it until 4:30 am. And then I woke up at 5:15 am because my child had to go to school and we have to go to work. In short, I haven't slept at all. But it's all worth it because I know that what I did will give my child a very good feeling. When I saw her smile upon seeing the octopus toy I felt fulfillment. She thank me for what I did and admire my work. That is all that matter.


Dinah said...

um, project ni Leslie to na dapat mommy ang gagawa :-) wow, schools today ha!

Anonymous said...

therefore... i salute you.. CONGRRRRRRRRATULATIONS!!!
Palakpakan ang butihing ina ni leslie!! at asawa ni paul!!

Mighty Mommy said...

a labor of love indeed! bravo!

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